Established in 1979, Brading Specialty Shades Inc. was originally founded with the goal of supplying and installing quality shading systems to the growing market for energy efficiency window treatments in the wake of the 1970’s energy crisis. The company’s first product was Window Quilt, a product specifically engineered to deliver the highest “R” factor of any window treatment of its time. The precision and craftsmanship needed to specify and install this product established one of the founding principles of the company... to source and develop high quality shading solutions that are engineered for long term customer satisfaction. 

Over the ensuing years, Brading has specifically targeted and developed sourcing relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers for premium shades, blinds, and other light and heat management solutions. Always a step ahead of the curve, Brading Specialty Shades has been at the forefront of engineering solutions based on the best solution for the customer. This has driven the company to seek solutions before broader market acceptance and has even precipitated the development of its own line of unique, cost effective shading products to meet particularly challenging light control and quality requirements with specific budgetary considerations.

Today Brading Specialty Shades is centrally located in North Toronto at 3206 Yonge Street easily accessible from the downtown core and the expressways linking suburban locations. We carry an extensive line of high grade shading products from world class manufacturers such as Lutron Shading and Silent Gliss of Switzerland to meet the demands of ever more complex architectural designs and light control requirements.