Window Quilt

Window Quilt insulating shades were created by a few energy conscious engineers in Brattleboro, Vermont during the 1970's energy crisis. Ten years later, the company had grown to enjoy a distribution network of over 500 dealers throughout Canada and the USA.

Brading Specialty Shades was one of the first Canadian dealers and came onboard in the fall of 1979. By the mid 1980's, Brading was hired by the manufacturer to provided dealer training on how to measure and install this high performance shading system.

The Federal Government had introduced a program call the “Canadian Home Insulation Program” (CHIP). A homeowner could receive a free grant of up to $500.00 for the supply and installation of thermal insulation for their homes. These materials had to be rigorously tested and approved by the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). This included products such as fiberglass, rock wool, cellulose, vermiculite and rigid styrofoam insulation.

Window Quilt was the only certified product (CMHC# 9524) for use on windows. No other type of shade or window covering qualified for this grant. The reason was the superior design and performance of the Window Quilt insulating shade. Nothing else could match the exceptional R factor (R 4 additive thermal resistance).

Window Quilt insulating fabric is multi layer composition as follows: Polyester-cotton front and backing cloth, two layers of 3/16" polyester batting and a centre layer of Mylar (either clear or aluminized). These 5 layers are then fused together so no damage will occur to the Mylar vapour barrier. Traditional sewing would puncture this seal and defeat the purpose of the vapour barrier.

A special beaded edge is applied to the sides of the fabric and this allows the shade to fit neatly inside a low profile tracking system. This channel allows the shade to be "enclosed" at the sides, so that no heat transfer occurs. The bottom of the shade is supplied with a weighted baton and foam strip to ensure no heat transfer through the window sill area. Finally, a double roller system allows the shade to be rolled up and pressed against the top of the window frame to omit any temperature exchange. A simple pull cord is used to raise and lower the blind.

When properly installed, Window Quilt will reduce winter heat loss and summer heat gain by up to 84% (depending on existing glass conditions). This unique energy efficient shade excels over all other insulated window coverings in that it is "sealed" inside a tracking system. This completely deals with all three methods of heat transfer: radiation, conduction and convection.

Window Quilt is a high quality insulated window covering which has been designed to last many years. It is not uncommon to get two decades use or more out of a correctly installed shade. Window Quilt is one of a handful of shading systems which pays for itself in energy savings. Home comfort factor is greatly increased while lower heating and cooling demands mean less usage for furnaces and air conditioning units.

Window Quilt insulating shades are a simple way for homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint and increase comfort in their home environment.


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