SolaraShade solarium blinds incorporate a special honeycomb style fabric. When extended, this unique material opens up and expands to create individual “cells” which trap the air and act as an insulator.

Regardless of your fabric colour, all shades will have uniform white backing. This is done to maximize the reflection of radiant heat as well as keeping your home a consistent colour from the exterior perspective. The special white backing is also resistant to damaging ultraviolet light.

SolaraShade is composed of 100% non-woven polyester. The fabric is spun to create a high quality textile able to withstand over a decade of heat, cold and damaging ultraviolet light.

Once opened and expanded over the glass, this fabric forms an energy efficient blanket greatly reducing the temperature differential between inside and out. The key to this creation is the multi layer insulating benefit of cellular shade technology.

Not only does SolaraShade trap air inside its honeycomb structure, but it also traps air between the back of the fabric and the interior layer of glass. When we look at the big picture, there are actually five temperature zones when utilizing Solara on a solarium or sunroom application:
1) External temperature
2) Temperature cavity inside the actual glass
3) Temperature cavity between the back of the shade and interior layer of glass
4) Temperature cavity inside the SolaraShade honeycomb fabric
5) Interior room temperature

As you can see, we have created two additional temperature zones with our energy efficient fabric. Not only have we created additional insulation (increased R factor) but the shade tracking system greatly reduces heat transfer from escaping at the sides of the shade.

SolaraShade solarium blinds generally attach to the upper most section of the roof glass and are manually lowered down towards the sill. It is also possible to have the shades stack at the sill and raise upwards, creating a “bottom stacking” application.

Special heat resistant polycarbonate plastic side tracks fit into the built-in glazing bar side channels. These tracks conform perfectly to the curvature of the solarium. The guides are supplied “optically clear” so that one can see through the tracks. This is a wonderful feature on a System 6 wood solarium as the shade guides will not distract from the character of the beam.

The side tracks serve a dual purpose. Firstly, they support both sides of the fabric from collapsing into the room. A groove is notched into the sides of the honeycomb material which holds the fabric in line with the glazing bars.
The second function is to reduce infiltration (or air currents) from escaping around the perimeter of the shade. By running the fabric inside a high performance tracking system, we greatly increase the energy efficiency of the window covering.

A white or bronze (dark brown) moveable rail is attached to the bottom of the fabric. These two colours are perfectly matched to the colours of the Four Seasons glazing bars. This rail attaches into the side track and rides on runners via a set of high quality gear wheels.

The moveable rail has a center mounted handle which allows the shade to be “locked” in any position. A 5’ to 10’ telescopic is supplied to reach the handle when the shade is fully retracted. Generally speaking, the locking handle only has to be used when the shade is parked in the vertical front sections only.

SolaraShades create tremendous value and performance for your solarium while providing years of trouble free use. Enjoy all the benefits of this unique, high performance shading system and improve the quality of your home environment.

SolaraShade Benefits
1) SolaraShade fabric has a soft "shoji screen" effect able to blend in with any decor with is neutral, soft natural light filtering appearance.
2) Control light with light filtering or room darkening material styles.
3) Full privacy is achieved with all SolaraShade fabrics.
4) Control glare as required with these movable shades allowing you to read a book, watch TV or work on your computer.
5) Omit 99% of all damaging ultraviolet light to protect your floors, walls and furnishings.
6) Help control excessive heat transfer by insulating pockets of trapped air within the fabric.
7) Solara Shade fabric can be cleaned by dusting, gentle vacuum or luke warm water and mild soap solution.
8) 100% spun polyester fabric composition provides years of trouble free use.
9) Polycarbonate side tracks are not affected by temperature or damaging ultraviolet light
10) Movable rails available in white or bronze to match glazing bars
11) Five year warranty on all parts and components


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